Atomic Interaction Network (AIN)
We utilize our proprietary computational tools and technologies, the core of which is our atomic interaction network analysis, or AIN analysis, to both identify Hierotopes and design and engineer antibody-based biological medicines to target these Hierotopes. Using our Hierotope platform, we deploy our AIN analysis to characterize each amino acid in a protein in terms of its interactions with other amino acids, resulting in the identification of the most interconnected ones. Once we identify the Hierotope, we develop a new antibody scaffold or select an antibody scaffold from an existing antigen-antibody database that best matches the Hierotope we are targeting. Finally, starting with an antibody scaffold, we deploy our AIN analysis to design and engineer an optimized antibody-based drug candidate that selectively targets the identified Hierotope.

Traditional antibody engineering approaches focus on enhancing the strength of the interaction between the antibody and the antigen by altering the amino acids within the antibody, based on knowledge from antibody libraries generated via random mutations or crystal structure analysis. We believe our Hierotope platform can enable the identification of the specific sites on the antibody that we can alter to improve the antibody’s characteristics with respect to its interaction with the target antigen, without the limitations of conventional approaches. The use of our AIN analysis can supplement and extend the capabilities of conventional approaches for antibody engineering.
Visterra Hierotope
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